Top ten legendary treasures

Top ten legendary treasures



An Ancient Mystery: Where Is the Tomb of Genghis Khan?

Genghis Khan’s tomb is one of the favorite places for treasure hunters. Some teams of archaeologists have unsuccessfully searched for the conqueror’s grave in the vast deserts of Mongolia and northern China, while other historians contend that the Khan’s sons secretly buried his body and the riches that made up his burial trousseau in the background. from Lake Issyk-Kul, located in present-day Kyrgyzstan.

Ten legendary treasures that have yet to be found

THE TREASURE OF THE SAD NIGHT When the Aztecs expelled Hernán Cortés and the Spanish conquerors from Tenochtitlan during the so-called Noche Triste, they tried to gather the greatest amount of gold by filling their armor. Taking advantage of the fact that the city was surrounded by a lake, the Aztecs threw many enemies into the water, where they drowned due to the weight of gold and armor, according to the article ‘A black Conquistador in Mexico’. The current Mexico City is founded on …

The secret gate of the Padmanabhaswamy temple


One of the temple's secret chambers still remains an enigma (iStock)One of the temple’s secret chambers still remains an enigma (iStock)

The point where it is located is not the unknown in this case, but the treasure itself. At the bottom of the Indian temple there are seven secret chambers, of which one remains untouchable. Hundreds of gold utensils were discovered in the six open: precious diamonds, emeralds, rubies, crowns, and chains. A sum of objects calculated in approximately 22 billion dollars. The seven members of the Supreme Court of India decided to order the opening of the vault soon.

The fleet lashed by nature

In 1715 a Spanish fleet left Cuba, but it would only sail for a week. The inclement weather of a hurricane was too much for the twelve ships that transported gold, silver, pearls and jewels equivalent to 2 billion dollars. Some of the loot was recovered near present-day Vero Beach, Florida, but the rest is still missing. Each ship was located, but only a small amount of the cargo was recovered: most of it lies at the bottom of the sea.

Forrest Fenn and his enigmatic map

In 2010, art collector Forrest Fenn buried a drawer with his most valued pieces north of the city of Santa Fe, United States. The funny thing is that in his memoir he decided to include clues to find it. He published nine keys in a 24-verse poem. The author estimates that over the past five years 65,000 people tried to find the bronze chest in which he deposited all the rubies, emeralds, sapphires and others valued at two million dollars.

Fabergé eggs

No one knows where the nine missing Fabergé eggs are (iStock)

They are a series of jewels made between 1885 and 1917 by Carl Fabergé, a Russian goldsmith, for the Russian imperial family and other private buyers. Each egg-shaped work is made of metals and precious stones and hides a complicated object. They are almost always activated with a mechanism that sets them in motion and allows their content to be known. The price of each of them increases every year. 71 eggs were created -54 for the Románov-, but only the whereabouts of 62 are known, of which 46 are imperial jewels.

The treasure of the Portuguese ship Flor de la Mar

In 1512, the Portuguese boat Flor de la Mar collided with a reef and sank in the Malacca Strait, between Indonesia and Malaysia. With me pieces disappeared, the result of the robbery of the King of Portugal Manuel I, which could be worth billions of euros. Three years ago, two submarine rescue companies claimed that their drones sighted him in the Java Sea, near the port city of Semarang. However, that search operation was inconclusive.

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