Top 10 most wanted treasures in the world, every burglar’s dream

Top 10 most wanted treasures in the world, every burglar’s dream

The Templar treasure, that of Blackbeard or Butch Cassidy… The treasures have fascinated for a long time and are the subject of great hunts which very often lead to nothing. But since hope is alive, there are always people who are up for playing Indiana Jones across the globe. In this, the 10 treasures of this top, which therefore remain to be found, are the object of the greatest covetousness. Because we are talking here of several millions. Most often in gold, but not only… Ideal for occupying vacations and weekends.

1. The treasure of Fort Alamo (United States)

A major event in the Texan Revolution, the siege of Fort Alamo, which saw Mexican troops face off against Texan soldiers, is at the origin of a persistent rumor about a mysterious treasure allegedly buried under the mission. This would be a significant amount of gold brought there at the time by men like Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, with the aim of paying to raise an army to repel the attacks. Several searches were carried out but nothing was ever found.

2. The Amber Room (somewhere in Europe)

Donated in 1716 by King Frederick William I of Prussia to Tsar Peter the Great, the Amber Room was a 55 m2 room whose walls were entirely covered with intricate elements carved directly from pure amber. Stolen by the Nazis during WWII, who brought it to Königsberg Castle (like other art pieces stolen from the Russians), it later vanished. Many believe that it was destroyed after the passage of the Allies, but others continue to seek it. It is therefore officially the most coveted “real estate” in the world.

3. Le Flor de la Mar (Indian Ocean)

The ship of Vasco da Gamma’s brother made the connection between Portugal and India, before taking part in many battles. It was also obviously during one of them that he took charge of a large quantity of gold. He is also suspected of having transported the treasure of the kingdom of Melaka, which amounted to 60 tons of gold. Anyway, the Flor de la Mar once disappeared in the Indian Ocean without leaving any traces. Neither its carcass nor its contents were ever found.

4. The spoils of the Lufthansa heist (United States)

Related brilliantly by Martin Scorsese in Goodfellas (adapted from Nicholas Pileggi’s book), this ambitious heist edited by James Burke (De Niro in the film) in which Henry Hill (Ray Liotta on screen) and others participated in particular members of the New York Mafia, gave birth to a sort of frenzied treasure hunt. Because the loot, which at the time amounted to some 5 million dollars (plus almost 1 million in jewelry) was never found by the authorities. Henry Hill, who became a government informant, did not really help in this regard. It has been proven that some of the money has been spent but the majority has been lost in the wild. The fact that James Burke liquidated several of the participants in the heist obviously played a role.

5. The Treasure of Trabuco (United States)

Once upon a time Leon Trabuco, a Mexican millionaire, who, in the 1930s, during the American Great Depression, decided to buy as much gold as possible in order to keep it while waiting for its coast to explode to resell it and fill the pockets. He accumulated 16 tons which he hid well in the shelter. Time passed and the US government passed a law that made it illegal for individuals to own gold. Unfortunately, Trabuco eventually dies, taking the location of his treasure to the grave.

6. The golden owl (France)

A man named Max Valentin claimed in 1993 to have hidden a golden owl somewhere in France. As a player, Valentin gave the apprentice treasure hunters 11 clues, promising the winner a sum of $ 1 million. Despite everything, no one got hold of the owl, and Valentin died in 2009.

7. Thomas Beale’s Treasure (United States)

Thomas Beale, a wealthy American, should not be too fond of notaries. Rather than appealing to them to settle the question of his inheritance, he preferred to hide his fortune, namely $ 63 million, while leaving his children with clues that would reveal the location of the sum and its amount. There was also a question of a key which was to return to the heirs but which never arrived. The fact remains that if the latter succeeded in decoding the clue which revealed the sum they were to receive, they never broke through to play the one which concerned the place where the treasure was.

8. The treasure of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha

It was in 1622 that the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha was wrecked off Key West, Florida. On that day, the equivalent of $ 700 million sank into the ocean. Mel Fisher, a treasure hunter, found the wreckage on July 20, 1985, and surfaced for roughly $ 400 million in gold and silver. The difference remains to be found. Notice to scuba diving enthusiasts.

9. The Montezuma Treasure (United States)

Little is known about the enormous fortune of Montezuma II, the ninth ruler of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, who died during the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire by Cortés. It seems that his treasure ended up in the US state of Utah after being hidden from the Spaniards. In any case, this is what a treasure map found on the spot by a prospector tends to affirm. Meanwhile, the treasure has never been updated. Neither by the Spaniards nor by anyone else.

10. Dutch Schultz’s Treasure (United States)

Famous mafioso who made his fortune thanks to alcohol trafficking in particular, Dutch Schultz was killed by men of the no less famous Lucky Luciano. Before passing the gun to the left, perhaps aware that the noose was tightening on him, he hid a few million in a simple tin box, in the Catskills region of New York state. Of course, many people “enjoyed” looking for the loot, but none managed to find it. The fact that the region has been subject to multiple flooding since then suggests that the treasure was either destroyed or moved.

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